Designer’s Hardware Essential V

PASSION PROJECT DAY 13 Designer’s Hardware Essential [Monitor] A quick overview of monitor Resolution Color Gamut Refreshing Rate Viewing Angle 1. Resolution The resolution of PC monitor is usually named after its shortest side. For example, resolution of 2560 x 1600 will be named as 1600p. The higher the resolution, the clearer, sharper content you can […]

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Designer’s Hardware Essential III

PASSION PROJECT DAY 12 Designer’s Hardware Essential [Memory] A quick overview of memory and hard drive 1.What is computer memory? 2. What is RAM? 3. What is local disk C:? 4. What are SSD and HDD? 1. What is computer memory? Computer memory is a physical device capable of storing data. 1.1 Volatile vs. non-volatile memory […]

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Message: In the year of 2050, because of the advancement in artificial intelligence, a powerful virtual assistant (like “Siri”) will be inevitably developed. She not only can help you accomplish simple tasks, like searching Internet or scheduling events but also think and make decisions for you. People have become dependent on the assistant who tells them what […]