Douglas Gordon

When thinking about a movie, we usually assume that we are talking about the movie itself: the story, acting, post-production techniques and so on. None of us seems to pay attention to the way how the movie is presented.

Placing multiple monitors, setting them in particular positions, playing carefully-edited films on them, Douglas Gordon creates projects to present films in a way I have never seen before. In fact, Gordon makes me realize that the way movie is presented can also significantly impact the audience.

In one of the most important works in Gordon’s early career, “24 Hour Psycho” the theme slowness is adequately explored. In a room without light, a big screen is placed in the middle, playing Alfred Hitchcock’s well-known film Psycho but in absurdly slow two frames a second. Although I have seen Psycho for many times, such a slow frame rate propels me to pay attention to the detail of every frame. Even though Gordon does not modify any frame in the movie, familiar scenes seem unfamiliar.

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