My Refined To-do-list


My old to-do-list format


I incorporate the idea behind Kanbanery and refine the format of daily to-do-list. Before, I usually categorize to-do-list items based on the date when the item is created. For example, today, I have a math paper as homework so I would write today’s date Sep. 23 and math paper below. However, the date when the item is created is not the essential information to me. The reason why Kanbanery is useful is that it categorizes all the to-do, doing, and done items with deadlines which are the essential information. Therefore, all the to-do-list items now are aligned with deadlines. I also regroup the items into weeks, so that I will have an even clearer view of what are the assignments which are due this week and the ones which are due next week.


My refined to-do-list format


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