A Good Theft’s way of copying


Metal Gear Solid 2

A good theft never sets a boundary of copying. I think the idea that “a good theft steals from many” not only means having a large number of references but also a broad scope of them, being able to pay attention to every trivial detail such as how the character carries its gun. We assume that the way how James Bond carries gun which is to point gun upward is the right way. However, according to game’s military advisor Mr. Mori, it is dangerous to point gun upward, and the right way is to point the gun downward. Indeed, we tend to assume that level of detail is too minor, unnecessary to look at, or can’t be incorrect but when you are able to pay attention to it and make good copy, you will stand out.


Compared to Metal Gear Solid 2, the creating process of Metal Gear Solid 4 pays comparably more attention to game final checking period. Sometimes, to fix a small bug, like re-recording a voice, big sacrifice has to be made especially during the later production period. However, the sacrifice is worthy for the overall quality of the game. When I was filming in high school, sometimes if a piece of voice in one clip did not sound clear, to recreate the same natural lighting condition, the whole scene had to be shot again in the same location at the same time. It is indeed tired both for crew and cast, but it is worthy.

Here is my latest film project.


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