The Creating Process of Hans Zimmer


A Documentary Project by

Aryan Easwaran, New York University

Leon Liu Jianle, New York University

Mood Board

Mood Board  © 2017 Leon Liu, Jianle

As a musician Aryan helped to write an insightful documentary script capturing the essence of Hans Zimmer’s creating process with concise, understandable language. Then, I designed the mood board and the storyboard based on his script.

The mood board consists three major parts. The first part is the color theme of the documentary. Dark gray is the background color, while blue, yellow, and light gray are the highlighted color for reference titles and AE animations. The second part is the reference format. A few screen-caps of the clips we are going to use in the documentary are edited into the mood board. The two kinds of reference formats (movie & soundtrack) are presented to mimic the actual scenes in the documentary. The third part is the font choice. The main title font is Oswald, and the subtitle font is Myriadset-pro.

The storyboard indicates our selected movie clips, soundtrack, and the voice-over which we will record later in a rough order.




WeChat Image_20171002112216
Storyboard Part I © 2017 Leon Liu, Jianle



WeChat Image_20171002112207
Storyboard Part II © 2017 Leon Liu, Jianle


WeChat Image_20171002112212
Storyboard Part III © 2017 Leon Liu, Jianle

Annotated Bibliography

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