Future Utopia Project [0.1.0]


The ultimate portable device


In the future, an ultimate portable device will be developed, replacing all the electronic devices we are daily using. The device has performance much more powerful than any gaming computers or workstations, while still as portable as a smart phone. Users have an almost unlimited storage of data because the ultimate device will always stay connected to the cloud. Most importantly, the built-in personal assistant integrated artificial intelligence. Playing music or reading email, the function of Apple Siri or Google Assist, is far below the capability of the built-in assistant which even can automatically help you reply email, sent up calendar events, download music and so on. Users do not need to worry anything about what to do next for the built-in assistant will tell you.


Global Power Failure


An ultimate device is successfully developed, but people rely more and more on it, losing the ability to live on our own. Then one day, a global power failure occurs, and all the devices shut down…

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