Designer’s Hardware Essential [Intro]


Designer’s Hardware Essential [Intro]

My next series of Effective Learning Project is all about the professional hardware (mainly computer and monitor) a designer should have! The first three episodes are piratical knowledge of computer. The fourth episode is dedicated to introducing monitors and their main features, The fifth episode is about connecting your computers to monitors, to speed up your workflow but also make your desk nice and clean. 

Designer’s Hardware Essential I

A quick overview of CPU

  1. Understanding CPU specification
  2. Intel CPU generation
  3. Xeon or Core i7?
Intel 7th Generation Processor

Designer’s Hardware Essential II

A quick overview of GPU

  1. Understanding GPU specification
  2. Nvidia or AMD?
  3. Geforce or Quadro?
Nvidia Geforce 1080 Ti

Designer’s Hardware Essential III

Overview of RAM and SSD

  1. What is RAM?
  2. SSD or HHD?
Samsung 850 Pro SATA SSD

Designer’s Hardware Essential VI

Laptop selection

  1. Gaming PC
  2. Workstation
Thinkpad professional workstation P50

Designer’s Hardware Essential V

Overview of Monitor

  1. Resolution
  2. Color Gamut
  3. Refreshing Rate
  4. Viewing Angle
Dell Infinity Edge Monitor

Designer’s Hardware Essential VI

Overview of Ports and docking system

  1. Data port: USB 3.0/3.1
  2. Video port: HDMI/ DP
  3. Next generation of port: Multi-media port thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt Docking System

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