Two focus:

  1. Powerful Personal Assistant in the future.

  2. People losing time management ability.




In the year of 2050, there is an advanced personal assistant called Sirena. By accessing your personal information, social network, and school system, Sirena can plan your schedule on a minute basis, telling you when to eat, when to sleep, when to go to a party, when to do homework, which friend’s birthday today is and so on. Therefore, people in the future gradually lose the ability to manage their time by themselves because Sirena helps them remember and plan everything.

Breakup Letter

Dear past me:

You should never rely on Sirena. Although she can keep a good calendar and plan your schedule on a minute basis, you lose the ability to manage what you have to do on your own! It is such a nightmare when Sirena goes wrong.

I mean it is so freighting when you do not know what to do next. Maybe something urgent or important is waiting for you to do, but you just don’t know! I guess I am just the luckiest person in the world. The day Sirena fails to connect to the god-damn server is exactly my girlfriend’s birthday. I forget to tell her happy birthday. It is 2050, who do hell will remember their girl friend’s birthday. Everything is on the cloud, and advanced personal assistant like Sirena can always help you remember things and do other automation stuff.

Please mark my words. Go to an old souvenir store to buy something called “a physical calendar” and “stickers” which people thirty years ago used to manage time and reminder important things. Electronic stuff is not as reliable as you think. Maybe today Sirena fails to connect to the server again or tomorrow there is a power failure that happened last year. Nothing serious happened maybe that day was not my girlfriend’s birthday. Anyway, just keep a calendar on your own and write down things need to be done on stickers then stick them to wherever place you can see!











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