Message: In the year of 2050, because of the advancement in artificial intelligence, a powerful virtual assistant (like “Siri”) will be inevitably developed. She not only can help you accomplish simple tasks, like searching Internet or scheduling events but also think and make decisions for you. People have become dependent on the assistant who tells them what […]


Video, Design, and Story?

What is a good video? Lots of my friends know that I love filmmaking, so they usually share me a kind of cool travel videos in which a lot of beautiful landscape scenes like a beautiful sky or a good looking city view at night are shot and edited with a nice music (I also […]

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A Good Theft’s way of copying

  A good theft never sets a boundary of copying. I think the idea that “a good theft steals from many” not only means having a large number of references but also a broad scope of them, being able to pay attention to every trivial detail such as how the character carries its gun. We […]

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My Refined To-do-list

    I incorporate the idea behind Kanbanery and refine the format of daily to-do-list. Before, I usually categorize to-do-list items based on the date when the item is created. For example, today, I have a math paper as homework so I would write today’s date Sep. 23 and math paper below. However, the date […]

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